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A lake along the way to Gua Kelam

A quite stretch on the way to Kaki Bukit

Entrance to the cave

Hanging Bridge

Sir John Campbell, an Englishman who was also a miner, discovered the Kelam Cave in 1935. He realized that the cave is rich in tin. So, he made use the available natural resource, the stream that flows through the cave, to transport tin ore in a much effective and productive manner. Story goes that he hired the skill of a Chinese tin miner, Loh Ah Tong to build the hanging bridge to the tin miners. Gradually, as time went by, the mining operation ceased and the cave was used by Communist guerillas who were waging an undeclared war against the then Malaya, and during the later part by smugglers to smuggle things in and out of Thailand.

My Trip

Last Sunday, 5 Oct. 2008, I had a chance to visit the tranquil atmosphere of a cave in the northernmost part of Malaysia. Gua Kelam or Cave of Darkness is located at Kaki Bukit (Foothill), 33km to the North of Kangar, the capital of Perlis (one of the smallest states in Malaysia). The cave is not dark anymore as the name implies, as spotlights have been fixed along the way from the entrance to the valley which is located on the opposite end of the cave. If one expect any mysteries and strange occurring , you can forget it, as the shine has already killed whatever mysteries one can expect in a cave.

Mother Nature's artwork
Stream at Wan Tangga Valley

At Wan Tangga Valley

This 370 meter long limestone cave is accessible by way of a suspension bridge. It was a thrilling experience to walk across the suspension bridge. I admired work of nature sculptured on the walls of the cave, the stalactites and stalagmites as well. The underground stream that flows out from the limestone range provides a cool dipping place for children and adults. The sound of water flowing under the suspended bridge provides a soothing music for the ears. If one is observant, one can see the water dripping from stalactites and stalagmites. The constant erosion and effects of water running through the cave thousands of years ago have left indelible impact on the surface of the walls. Beautiful formations of rocks and designs can be seen along the way.

The lushes green valley at the opposite end of the cave gives one an experience of paradise with its wonderful trees and cooling breeze.

On the way back

Sunset bidding farewell to me

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venus66 said...

A very informative trip. The nature is so beautiful and unique.
Thank you for sharing.

sage said...

Thanks, what a beautiful place.

Scarlet said...

Malaysia has so much greenery, beauty and places of interest. Thanks for showing us a bit of your homeland.

Radha said...

What fun trip! If ur in Kroh sometime, lets organise a trip to Gua Itik.. i hear it goes right up to Baling Gunung Inas!

Pete said...

stunning photos

cyclopseven said...

Thank you should go there one day. The kids will surely enjoy the trip. is a beautiful place. The closer we get to nature, the better we will see life. Thank you.

Scarlet..Thank you buddy. Yeah..every country has its own beauty, and Malaysia is no exception. More to come. Wait and see.

Aha..Radha. Thank you for stopping by. Well, I don't mind exploring caves especially in that region around Kroh. I bet we can still anticipate some mysteries:). Gua Itik...hmmm...rings a bell. Is this cave located in the forest that stretches from Tasek onwards? If, yes, I think I have been there.I don't going there again. Like the clear water the streams through the cave.

And, Paul, Thank you. I have been to your blog before. Your have colorful views on life.

LIFE as it is........ said...

Ooopss..not Paul, I mean Pete. Sorry for that buddy:)

Janice Thomson said...

Love your photos - it's a treat to see the wonders of other countries.
What is the animal in the bottom photo of the collage?

Devika said...

Loved the pictures..refreshing scenes...but then your commentary is crisp and informative...

worthy was my visit :-)

the cave with lighting looked mysterious...


Isadora said...

what a fascinating and beautiful place. Glad you've had a chance to visit and invited us along. :)

cyclopseven said...

Thank you Isadora.

ANNA-LYS said...

Lovely cybertrip!!!